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Therapy Session


How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

As beautiful as it is, the journey into motherhood can be a worrying and stressful time. Some of us find the big life changes involved in starting or expanding our family to be a source of anxiety. Some discover that in finding their identity as a parent, they often lose themselves. Others may find that their relationship with their partner has suffered during those early years of parenthood or the journey to conception.

Burnout, overwhelm, sensory overload, mum guilt, the constant pressure to be a 'supermum'... if you feel or have experienced any of these things, know that you're not alone.

In my capacity as a cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapist, I can work with you to address any problems you may be experiencing. Using a combination of cognitive-behavioural approaches, mindfulness and hypnosis, I can help you to set realistic goals and achieve them.


  • Book in an obligation-free discovery call where we can chat informally and you can decide if we're the right 'fit'

  • If you want to proceed with therapy, book in an initial consultation session, which can be carried out either online or in person

  • From there we will work together to set goals and work out a plan to achieve them

  • All therapy sessions are pay-as-you-go, with no commitment to a set amount of sessions

  • Initial consultations are 80 mins and therapy sessions are 50 mins, both cost £50


How Does It Work?

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